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200 hour certification course

1 weekend every month

Saturday’s & Sunday’s 9-12 & 2-5

The first 3 Tuesdays of each of those months: 6-9

This 200 hour foundations program is designed to build your yoga knowledge from the ground up and apply it to health as a whole. Whether you plan to teach or not, this course will give you the tools to empower yourself and inspire others to optimize physical and mental health through yoga.

April – Yoga Foundations

Dates: TBA

Discover yoga! Touching on a wide range of topics, we set the stage for what yoga is to us and guide you towards the beautiful journey of self discovery and optimal health.

May – Asana

Dates: TBA

In-depth learning of the key asanas in hatha yoga with focus on the intention and benefits of each group. Discover what is involved in the many layers of asana and how to break down the movements to explore the poses safely using variations.

June – Anatomy & Physiology

Dates: TBA

Enrich your knowledge of the body’s structure through basic bio-mechanics and the anatomy trains in asana. Explore the functions of the nervous system and learn about the stress response and the relaxation response.

July – Alignment & Posture correction

Dates: TBA

Outlining the key alignment principles and the interrelationship of the body’s structures.  Develop your eye for correcting and assisting. Learn a ‘hands-on” approach, as well as the use of verbal communication and demonstration.

August – Pranayam, Chakras and Energy Flow

Dates: TBA

Moving beyond the physical practice and taking your yoga to the next level. Learn breathing techniques and their benefits to the nervous system. Explore the energetic systems and how to engage the subtle body within your practice and teaching.

September – Meditation

Dates: TBA

Discover the mind and body connections through various meditation techniques. Investigate mentality how it effects health as a whole.

October – Philosophy & Lifestyle

Dates: TBA

Diving deeper into yogic philosophy and lifestyle.  The focus is on the inner transformation, where the yogic roots stem from and how they apply to life now.

November – Principles of Therapeutics

Dates: TBA

Adding the therapeutic approach to everything you’ve learned about yoga. We compare western philosophies to yogic philosophies and how to generate the greatest benefits from the yoga practice.

December – Holistic Health Applications

Dates: TBA
Integrating your knowledge and applying it to health as a whole. This Practical Applications section allows you to experience the role of yoga teacher, therapist and student as you team up with others from the class to share your new understandings of yoga and the holistic health approach.

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