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Symbiosis is central to the mission at Re:source Yoga Therapy ; what helps us grow helps you grow. The more people are learning to lead happy and healthy lives, the more we contribute to a community, and a society, of healthy, balanced individuals. We believe that the individual is to the community what the community is to society. By taking care of yourself, you are taking care of your family, and all those you interact with.

Because this is valuable to each of us, we want to reward you for taking care of yourself. Each hour you spend at Re:source is rewarded by one Re:source point. Points accumulate and are rewarded by free or reduced rate on any services at Re:source.



Other membership benefits include:

  • Lifetime membership
  • Reduced rate on workshops and classes
  • Point reward system: all classes, workshops and trainings will be rewarded as Re:source points, which are then redeemable and exchangeable for any service offered at Re:source
  • Free access to school library, tea room, and study room during opening hours
  • Free events and community gatherings for members

*some exceptions apply

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