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Having a strong academic background in health sciences, Carina’s approach to yoga integrates anatomy, physiology, immunology and cognitive psychology to establish and maintain balance between the Stress Response and the Relaxation Response. Each individual is met in a private setting, in order to adapt the practice to their needs.

When patients are referred for a specific diagnosis, Carina takes the time to explain what this diagnosis means, which bodily system it relates to, and how yoga can help reestablish the necessary conditions for their treatment to be effective. As a therapeutic tool, yoga aims to establish the necessary conditions for health to ensue, and as such, can be used to accompany any treatment, diagnosis, or imbalance.

  • Carina is an amazing resource in so many ways.  I like the presence she brought to the class and the house.  Fun yet serious.  Super fun and interesting way to teach anatomy,yoga, meditation, etc.  As an ability to pass on the passion.

    Re:source Yoga StudentDeep Flow Level II
  • Carina is the most dynamic teacher I have ever had the honor to learn from. She brings concepts I have learned time and time again from books - to life, and to the mat - where they can be sensed, practiced, and understood in an integral way. So may thanks!

    Kassy Wener5 element acupuncturist

Patients at Re:source undergo the Health as a Whole program, where health is considered to be a collective response of all systems working together in favour of balance, efficiency, and adaptation. With the aim to first restablish balance in the nervous system, and then train the nervous system to maintain balance despite tension, stress, and challenges, patients at Re:source undergo a learning process that equips them with tools for every situation in life.

Carina is currently offering private Yoga Therapy classes, as well as workshops, trainings, and seminars. Have Carina come teach at your event and/or training. Contact her directly at

To learn more about Yoga Therapy and its role as a complementary approach, Carina offers seminars and presentations. See Yoga Therapy Info Sessions.

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